In his highly motivational lectures and workshops, Renato Grinberg speaks in a very clear, practical and objective way.

His charisma, his inspiring professional and life story – from professional musician in Brazil to a highly accomplished business executive in the U.S. –  plus his success as a best-selling author, provide a memorable lecture, which has positively impacted the most demanding audiences around the world.

His objective is to share information that is truly useful in terms of the professional development of his audience, regardless of whether they are younger professionals trying to establish a career plan or experienced executives seeking the motivation to continue and evolve in their professional lives.

Highly motivational lecture based on Renato Grinberg’s incredible story of overcoming the odds. The keynote speaker and author outlines the concepts featured in his best-seller, The Eye of the Tiger Strategy. The talk will help participants to:

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Turn objectives into results
  • Understand the paradigms of dedication and resilience
  • Solve problems with creativity and innovation
  • Have a new perspective on how to identify opportunities
  • Enhance and integrate their connections, creating win-win relationships with clients, colleagues and managers / subordinates
  • Construct their personal brand and establish the positioning of a winner

Highly motivational lecture based on articles written by keynote speaker, Renato Grinberg, for the Harvard Business Review Brazil and his best-selling book, The Alpha Leader. Designed for executives or entrepreneurs seeking to improve their overall leadership skills and learn how to train, motivate and engage high-performance teams. The talk will help participants to:

  • Understand elements common to every successful leader
  • Identify the differentiating factors of each leadership style
  • Evaluate the fundamental aspects of training high-performance teams
  • Develop and communicate a vision effectively
  • Inspire their team with one clear purpose
  • Understand the key factors for solving performance gaps
  • Develop a sustainable culture of innovation and high performance

Culture of Excellence and High Performance is a highly motivational lecture based on two books: The Instinct of Success and The Eye of the Tiger Excellence. The talk explores how to achieve excellence and create high-performance teams by positively channeling some of our more primitive instincts. The lecture will help participants to:

  • Turn destructive competition into positive competitiveness
  • Transform fear, anxiety and insecurity into planning and results
  • Deepen their self-awareness and self-control
  • Understand how to influence and communicate effectively
  • Understand how to identify and solve problems efficiently and effectively
  • Turn aggression into motivation
  • Understand the virtuous cycle of high-performance professionals and teams

In this highly motivational talk, keynote speaker, Renato Grinberg, presents the findings of research conducted amongst more than 400 global companies, including Google, Unilever, Embraer,, Lego, Coca-Cola and Uber, and identifies the key factors in developing a culture of innovation that is able to defeat the challenges of an increasingly competitive market.

The lecture demystifies the erroneous notion that innovation is a magical talent shared only amongst creative geniuses, but rather that it is a competence that can and should be developed by every professional. The definition of Innovation presented in this lecture - "The discipline of identifying and serving needs in new ways that drive value" - offers insights into how executives and entrepreneurs can rethink their day-to-day activities and create a value-chain for their employees, customers, and suppliers.

The lecture also features real-life case studies that provide invaluable insights from companies that have transformed their reality by developing a culture of innovation.